Monday, December 19, 2005

Belzer Rebbe: Gei arbet

Someone just sent me the following:

Nov. 1, 2005 Jerusalem Post

At a speech delivered before thousands of his Belzer hassidim, the Belzer Rebbe called on those of his followers who were not studying properly or were not financially stable to learn a trade while attending a kollel.
"Students who have the talent and economic ability to spend years studying in kollels are blessed and fortunate. But those students who, after a year of poor studying, whether this was due to their skill level or because of their financial situation, must go and learn a trade that can support its practitioner," the rebbe said on Simchat Torah last week, according to Channel 2.

"If you need the money go to work." Maybe this doesn't apply here in chuts la'arets.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe what the Belzer Rebbe said , was only a Metephor. LOL.
Im sure plenty people would love to think so .
I give the rebbe Full extra credit for getting up and saying it as is, with out worring about the Liveshe Gedolim or Ketanim.

5:18 PM  
Anonymous חצר המהלכת said...

Listen The rebbe has to find someway to pay for his building. His huge house costed a shaine matbeya. BTW why does he need 6 floors - 1- for an olympic sized mikvah - but what about the other five. I hear they fleece even Melamdem to pay the building tax.

9:01 PM  

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