Thursday, December 08, 2005

Bnei Brak Shomrim Patrol??

Posted by Y.O. contributor "Chief of Staff":

Bnei Brak Shomrim?

Sounds to me like a bunch of Boro Park "wannabes".

We want Chaverim also!


In its first week of operation Bnei Brak's community patrol removed from parks dozens of young loiterers, mostly from other cities, for disturbing the peace late at night.
The special patrol car was initiated by Mayor Rabbi Yissochor Frankentahl following complaints about youth who were perturbing passersby and making noise late into the night.
The patrol responds to complaints received at the municipal hotline (106) as well as reports from other sources. Among the parks where the patrol took action were the park on Rechov Daniel, where dozens of youths often gathered, lit a fire and played loud music until after midnight.

The patrol is run by Chaim Rogelblatt, director of the Department of Emergency Services, and David Azoulai, director of the Department of Municipal Supervision.
The community patrol, which is operated jointly by the municipality and the police, also enforces municipal ordinances and cracks down on Arabs and others staying there illegally.
Bnei Brak Secretary and Spokesman Rabbi Avrohom Tannenbaum said despite the impression many residents have, only the police—and not municipal inspectors—are authorized to act against Arabs without permits. The municipality can only assist the police and notify the police where illegal visitors are waiting or lodging.....

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Blogger ליפא שנילצער said...

you get me smiling, shomrim patroling for youths making noise late at night, these patrol cars better not come with lights and sirens.

12:59 PM  

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