Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bobover Rebbe Visits Lakewood

Click Here to view a slide show of 37 pictures of the Bobover Rebbe visiting Lakewood at the home of Reb Daniel Rottenberg.

Chatzar Hakodesh:

The connection between the Rottenberg family and Bobov goes as far back to Reb Daniels great-grandfather Reb Mordechai Rottenberg, who was the Ruv of Antwerp and a Talmud of the first Bobover Ruv - Reb. Shloma Zt”l.
The Ruv Shlita arrived to the home of Reb Daniel Sunday afternoon. After Mincha, the Ruv Shlita paid a visit to the Rosh-Yeshiva of Lakewood, Reb Malkiel Kotler Shlita. After a royal welcome, Reb Malkiel and the Ruv Shlita conversed in Divrei Torah and parted with words of encouragement while Reb Malkiel escorted the Ruv Shlita back to the his car.
Afterwards, the Ruv Shlita visited the home of Reb Yakkov Tzudok Schonberger, a long time supporter of the Bobover Mosdos and a major contributor at the luncheon. His son Reb Hershel Schonberger was one of the key individuals that helped to the enormous success of the event in Lakewood.
Then, the Ruv Shlita made his way to the home of the Satmerer Dayan, Reb Mordechai Bezalel Klein Shlita. The Dayan Shlita spoke of the enormous strides in Chinuch of children within Lakewood.
Back at the home of Reb Daniel Rottenberg, a lavish lunch was prepared in honor of the supporters of the Kollel. Among the guests, were the Rosh Hakollel Reb Yonoson Binyumin Goldberger Shlita, Reb Mordechai Bezalel Klein – Dayan of Satmer Lakewood, Reb Avrom Spitzer – Skverer Dayan of Lakewood, Harav Eichenstein – Rosh Hayashiva in Edison, NJ, Harav Yitzchok Halbersatm a great grandson of the “Kedishas Tzion”.
The master of ceremonies was the esteemed Reb Menashe Frankel Shlita, a son of the world renowned activist Reb Hertz Frankel Shlita. In an eloquent speech, Reb Menashe told the crowd about the extraordinary efforts the Ruv Shlita takes to assure the Hatzlacha of the Kollel. Reb Menashe also presented the host Reb Daniel Rottenberg with a plaque, commemorating the luncheon and his support of the Kollel.
The gathered also heard from Reb Moshe Yosef Wolf Shlita, one of the Ramim in the Bobover Mesivta, who gave an eyewitness report about the Hasmadah and level of Mesiras Nefesh of the Kollel Yingeleit in the Bobover Kollel.
The highpoint of the event was when the guest had the Zechiya to hear Divrei Kodesh from the Ruv Shlita. The Ruv Shlita began by pointing out Reb Deniel Rottenberg’s dedication to Bobov, which still goes back to his holy father the Ruv Zt”l. The Ruv Shlita went on with a beautiful thought on a Mesorah of the word “Harimosi”. He completed by telling the crowd, that this event is special because those gathered to be “Machzikei Torah” are a group of people who spend a great deal of time learning the Torah and understand the concept of “Mesiras Nefesh” to the Torah. The Ruv Shlita then asked Reb Mordechai Labin who was very instrumental to the success of the event, to sing Shir Hamalos.
After Birchas Hamuzon, the Ruv Shlita took Kvitlech from the crowd of donors and Bobover Chasidim of Lakewood. After Maariv the Ruv Shlita spoke to a gathering of Bobover Yingeleit who live in Lakewood and gave them Divrei Chizik Ibrucha.
The Ruv Shlita’s visit was hailed as an enormous success for the Kollel and left an everlasting memory for the Lakewood community.
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which of the bobover rebbes is this?

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the Skulenner didn't want to go to Danny is no secret, the Bobov went, nu nu big shpiel.

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