Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bug off!!

Posted by Y.O. contributor, Chief of Staff:cRc Web:

Now it's official! As per the cRc, The Star K has officially removed it's Kashruth Certification from ALL varieties of Romaine, spring mix and baby spinach of Fresh Express, Dole, River Ranch and Taylor Farms, MD. This is do to the large amounts of bugs that have been found in the "Bug - Free" packages of vegetables.

Yated on-line:

This call, signed by some 30 rabbonim in America (Click here to view letter) including many who are very involved in kashrus matters, applies to pre- washed vegetables prepared and sold in America, and not to Israeli washed and hothouse vegetables grown with special precautions.
It says that insects have been found consistently green leafy vegetables, even those with kashrus supervision including pre- washed romaine lettuce, romaine hearts and romaine mixes, for example, European, Italian, and greener selection; and fresh leafy salads, including spring mix and baby spinach — of all companies, even those packaged and sealed with hechsherim by individual rabbis or kashrus organizations, WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Therefore such vegetables should not be eaten or served without each leaf being individually checked.
This does not apply to pre-washed iceberg lettuce and cabbage.
It also does not apply to vegetables grown in special greenhouses with a quality hechsher and the guidance of expert rabbonim.

In a related item:

In this short note issued last week (Click here) , HaRav Moshe Vaye, noted insect expert, said that he personally visited many vegetable washing plants in America and he found that the methods used are not effective in removing all the bugs from romaine lettuce, spinach, parsley and the like — and therefore they should not be eaten. He stressed to Yated that this does not apply to Israeli vegetables grown in special conditions. He also told Yated that proper washing can be effective for cabbage and iceberg lettuce.

Is Bodek next??
posted by Y.W. Editor
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I guess heinaman has been machshill thousands of people once again.

8:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suspect this is far from the end of this, many names of rabbonim are missing and bugs have been found in iceberg.
Why were there no flatbush or lakewood rabonim signed?

How does Bodek which does not carry any of these products, sell frozen spinach? didn't it start off fresh?

8:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Bodek next?

As far as their broccoli is concerned, R' Vaye has been saying that it is assur for years.

8:37 PM  
Anonymous Jothar of the Hillpeople said...

AFAIK, they only removed their hechsher from Fresh Express, not from Dole. The process both use to clean the lettuce is good, according to the Star-K. However, the Fresh Express product is packed elsewhere, which allowed fruit flies to get in. The Dole product, according to their bug expert, was bug-free, and is still muttar.

11:48 PM  
Blogger Flatbushyid said...

jothar of the hillpeople

Not true, the star k removed their hechser from all companies that sell romaine, spinach and such like products. The star k does not have bug experts just money experts. They have no idea what the bugs even look like. It is a crime they were giving a hechser all these years on these companies. Isn't it amazing that just a few weeks after the star k publisher their article on bugs they have to retract everything they said. The bugs were not fruit flies but thrips and aphids. They were relying on the goyishe companies to tell them that the products are bug free. It is so sad what they did. If this would be a goyisher company in America they would have been sued and put out of business for lying all these years. But for us yidden we only say oh we made a mistake. This should be unaceptable. Imagine there was chazir in every bag of lettuce there would have been an uproar well these bugs are much worse. Why the removal is not on the star k website is also a crime. Hey guys own up. The CRC of Chicago issued the alert yesterday why didn't the star k issue it?

12:59 AM  
Anonymous yisroel fishman said...




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