Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bush Urges Sharon To Diet


After being released from the hospital on noon Tuesday, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was adamant about showing that despite suffering a light stroke on Sunday, he was back in the saddle.
Sharon, according to his close associates, did not rest much despite doctors' orders to the contrary. The prime minister, who is currently working out of his official residence in Jerusalem, was briefed by senior officials on recent security and political-related news.
US President George Bush phoned Sharon on Tuesday afternoon and the two leaders spoke at length.
Bush told Sharon, "I hope that when I see you in two months, you will be a lot thinner after the diet you will begin."
"Allow me to give you some pointers," the president noted, "first, eat healthy. Second, work out, and third, after reading your busy schedule, I must tell you, please spread it out."
Still at hospital, Sharon said he was in a hurry to get back to work. "It seems that you have missed me," a smiling 77-year-old Sharon told reporters at Jerusalem's Haddassah-University Hospital at Ein Kerem in his first public appearance since
falling ill on Sunday night.
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Well, he is a fat hog!

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