Sunday, December 18, 2005

Drafting yeshiva boys


The government approved Sunday an amendment to the Tal Law that would allow more ultra-Orthodox to join the IDF. The cabinet also gave the nod to the establishment of an administration that would enable Orthodox yeshiva students to opt for national civil service in place of the army.
The decision will enable the recruitment of approximately 200 yeshiva students in 2006 to civil service.
Hundreds more ultra-Orthodox will be drafted into new IDF tracks to be introduced in addition to the ultra-Orthodox Nahal brigade, which is today the only IDF unit that caters for yeshiva students...

The government approved the setting up of an administration that will establish the ultra-Orthodox "civil service". Yeshiva students who are not interested in serving in the IDF will be able to serve in emergency and rescue services, such as Magen David Adom, the fire department, etc.
In addition, a team will be established to decide on the amounts to be paid to yeshiva students performing the service.
The civil service administration is expected be established immediately in the Prime Minister's Office. The administration will submit its recommendations within 45 days, including the budgetary recommendation and the legal issues concerning the ultra-Orthodox's enlistment.
According to the proposal, the payment to ultra-Orthodox in civil service will be equal to the payment received by a non-combat soldier with children, but less than the payment received by a combat soldier.
MK Moshe Gafni (Degel Hatorah) told Ynet in response that "in 2002 I voted against the Tal Law because I objected to giving a privilege to ultra-Orthodox people who stop their yeshiva studies."
"Those who study torah are part of God's army, which protects the people of Israel no less than any other soldier. Others do not deserve a special privilege and should be treated as any other person," he said....
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