Saturday, December 24, 2005

Gesher's work


For the past 1 1/2 years, Adam, his 7-year-old sister Emily and his parents Beth and Alan, have been members of Torah Links, a family-oriented Jewish studies group with a contemporary twist.
"We were looking for a way to educate our children," Beth Troshane said after the event. "I had no idea of what we were in for once we joined."
What Troshane found was a personal connection to Judaism.
"I wasn't raised religiously," she said. "I'd previously been a member of a synagogue, but I had a problem with the fact that you have to pay to go somewhere to pray."
While her children attend their class on Sundays, Troshane participates in the organization's Woman's Group, led by Tobi Bergman.
"Through studying the different parshas (chapters), she gives us the foundation of what Judaism is," Troshane said. "We talk about things that are so intense, it's unbelievable. We discuss in a forum-like manner God's plan — that nothing is random. We go back to life's origin."
Established in 1995, Torah Links is headquartered in Lakewood, with learning centers in Marlboro, Ocean Township, East Brunswick and Cherry Hill. Classes are periodically held at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Monmouth County in Deal. The forums not only include discussions on the history of Judaism but also the concepts and philosophy behind the faith.
"Our mission is to educate Jews of all backgrounds in a comfortable environment," said Rabbi Moishe Lichtenstein, who heads the program. "Our doors are not closed to anyone. We are very nonjudgmental. Our goal is to teach people in a nonthreatening manner."
Led by Rabbi Abraham Neuhaus of Lakewood, the Hanukkah party for the children and their parents began with Friedman explaining the ancient story of the victory of the Maccabee, Jewish patriots, over the Syrian King Antiochus, whose soldiers had defiled the Jewish temple...
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

learn REAL torah with them!

dont just hand out latkes!

8:18 PM  
Anonymous SephardiLady said...

"but I had a problem with the fact that you have to pay to go somewhere to pray."

If she and her family become frum, wow are they in for a big surprise. Not only will they have to pay to pray, but they will need to find tens of thousands of extra cash for tuition.

8:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

is Wolfson still the big cash cow for gesher?

when will they begin to do SERIOUS fundraising?

11:33 PM  

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