Saturday, December 31, 2005

"I hate Jew"

Benjamin Kirsch, 50, the son of a Holocaust survivor, was outraged Friday to find an anti-Semitic slur written across the front fender of one of his company's trucks...
Township police said they are vowing to find the author of the slur."What makes this more outrageous is the fact that our victim is the son of a Holocaust survivor," Police Capt. David Newman said. "The full resources of the Jackson Police Department and the law enforcement community will be utilized to ensure that those responsible for this display of hatred are apprehended and brought to justice."
The words "I hate Jew" and a swastika were painted with pink spray paint on the passenger-side bumper of Kirsch's white 1993 Ford F150 pickup...
On Friday afternoon, police collected evidence and canvassed the neighborhood of Kirsch's real estate company, Friendship Inc., on Hyson Road. The evidence collected was not being disclosed, Newman said.The Ocean County Prosecutor's Office is assisting Jackson police in the investigation, said Capt. Robert Urie of the Prosecutor's Office. Urie said the crime could be indictable under certain circumstances...
"Kirsch also called his rabbi, Shmuel M. Tendler of the Congregation Sons of Israel in Lakewood.
"It is very sad," Tendler said. "In our state and our country, we cannot tolerate any prejudice to any religion, and the fire has to be extinguished."Tendler, who called the situation unfortunate, said, "We realize it is an isolated incident and must be dealt with not only for our religion but every religion."
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