Sunday, December 25, 2005

Insubordination kosher?

Jerusalem Post:

Not enough has been done by some Hesder Yeshiva heads to champion the cause of IDF soldiers found guilty of insubordination, according to a petition signed by 1,196 Hesder Yeshiva students. The caustic petition demanded more aggressive action against the IDF on the part of Hesder Yeshiva representatives.
"The Union of Hesder Yeshivot and yeshiva heads should take a more aggressive stand," said the petition. "Continuing the arrangement between the IDF and the yeshivot should be conditional upon the reinstating of all 24 students who were kicked out of Hesder Yeshivot [as punishment for refusing orders before and during disengagement].
"We feel that refraining from taking a more aggressive stand is a blow to our trust and faith. This trust and faith were instilled in us by our rabbis and teachers who taught us that to serve in the IDF is a holy mission aimed at spreading His commandments and teachings.
"The brunt of the endeavor to oppose disengagement fell on the shoulders of youth, who were only carrying out rabbis' directives."
The petition warned that giving in to IDF pressure on the issue of insubordination would lead to further capitulations regarding religious stringencies such as separating men and women for modesty, kosher food and Shabbat adherence. ...
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