Sunday, December 25, 2005
Jerusalem Post:

In a burgeoning scandal, Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski is reportedly facing questioning by the Environment Ministry's 'green police' for ignoring directives to clean public sites in the city.
Earlier this year, the Environment Ministry opened a criminal investigation against Lupolianski for failing to properly clean the city, in the wake of an amalgamation of waste and garbage at five city sites, which include the city's main Givat Shaul cemetery.
The investigation was launched after the mayor ignored five clean-up orders signed by the Environment Ministry's Jerusalem district director Shoni Goldberger.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Jerusalem Post has a personal vendetta against Lupolianski. Check their archives for positive and negative stories about him, and you'll see - all negative, none positive.

Just another way the JP's anti religious bias plays itself out.

3:17 AM  

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