Saturday, December 10, 2005

Lakewood boys learn hachnosos orchim

The brilliant strategists in Lakewood Yeshiva have done it again.

They, perhaps inadvertanly, have figured out a way to end the 'shidduch crisis' and get the boys to marry younger.

The bochrim, who are old enough to drive, drink adult beverages, decide on a wife, etc., are loudly tumuling, claiming a brand new member has entered their dormitories: a dorm counselor.

They don't seem too happy about it.

They probably could use someone to, make sure they're all going to seder, eveythings in order; to talk to.

That involves a mashgiach.

Having someone at night walking the halls, poking his head around just might result in a number of unhappy boys looking more urgently for a permanent residence.
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