Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Lakewood police brutality cont.

Has any elected official openly question why Menk is still on the police force? Why the deafening silence?

Email someone sent me: The Yeshiva is up in arms about the way R' Yossel was treated by the Askanim in Lakewood. The Vaad and Lichtenstein withheld info about the Robinson case that could have helped him. They did not make the police make a serious investigation. Menck is still on duty!

I do not know the veracity of the accusation.

Today's APP:

A protest rally to spotlight a woman's claims she was beaten by a township police officer drew only a handful of people Tuesday to Town Square.
Nichole Robinson, the woman who says she was beaten last month by embattled Patrolman Erik Menck, said the rally was canceled because Public Safety Director Al Peters told her that organizers needed a permit.
Peters said he told Robinson that no permit was necessary.
The rally will be rescheduled for next month, Robinson said, but the disagreement is her latest with the township since she went public last week with allegations of police brutality.
On Nov. 20, four police officers, including Menck, went to Robinson's Coventry Square town house to question her about a disorderly persons call earlier that day.
Robinson maintains Menck asked her for a statement and then beat her in front of her two children. Wearing a bandage on her left arm, Robinson said Tuesday she suffered injuries to her arm, her hand and her back.
Police say Robinson attacked Menck while he attempted to get a statement from her. Robinson was then taken to Kimball Medical Center for treatment of asthma, police add...
... She also has retained a lawyer, who said last week he plans to sue the township for damages.
Robinson said Tuesday she has received a lot of support from members of the Orthodox Jewish community, some of whom distrust Menck because he charged a respected rabbi with assault over the summer.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The word is that Menck is still on the force - in any other town he would either be suspended with pay or given desk duty while the investigation goes on. What can we expect when the cheif of Police Al Peters was quoted on WCBS2 TV saying he doesn't think the robinson case is news worthy. What does it take to make news for Peters that some get killed chalila? It is true that the Oilam in yeshive is steaming about how Reb Yossel was treated. Many were thinking of joining the march yesterday but it was being headed by Waters a known anti -semite.

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The vaad will endross lichtenstein next election, but lets see if he wins.

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Irv223 said...

Hopefully he will resign before next election.

8:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sudenly lichtenstein will become a good guy at once again it will be a mitzva to vote for him

12:25 AM  
Anonymous Martin Luther Lichtenstein said...

Hi - you all have to understand that i have to be a mayor for the whole Lakewood. I can't do favors just for the jews.

2:37 PM  

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