Tuesday, December 06, 2005

O.U.'s Convention topics

Now that the Agudah convention is over let's see what's on O.U.'s mind:

From a press release on OU’s West Coast Torah Convention:

The Convention closes with a day of sessions on a wide variety of topics, to be held on Sunday, December 25 at the Crowne Plaza Beverly Hills, 1150 South Beverly Drive.The Sunday sessions at the Crowne Plaza Beverly Hills will include:

Torah and Science: When Two Worlds Collide, with Rabbi Reuven Bulka
Challenges in Shidduch Dating, or Why Does He Want to Know if She Wears Open Toe Shoes? with Rabbi Dale Polakoff
What Is the Attitude Toward Gentiles?, with Rabbi Benjamin Blech
Torah Values and Western Values: Synthesis or Antithesis?, with Rabbi Chaim Eisen
Is the Dream Lost?: Post-Gaza Zionism in Israel and the Diaspora, with Rabbi Yosef Blau
Changing Attitudes Toward Secular Studies in the Orthodox World, with Dr. David Luchins
Panel Discussion for Women Only: Bina Yeteira (greater understanding): The Orthodox Woman’s Influence on Her Community, with OU shul Rebbetzins Karen Geiger, Miriam Huttler, Sari Abrams-Kanefsky, Elana Kosofsky and Yael Weil, with Dr. Rivkah Blau as Moderator
On Moral Grounds – a film (MCLE education credits available) 0.
Do Chumros (stringent religious positions) Make a Person Frummer (more religious)?, with Rabbi Nachum Sauer
American Yeshiva Perspectives: Then and Now, with Rabbi Gerald Werner
The Re-Emergence of Traditional Tanach Study: Proponents and Detractors, with Rabbi Yitz Etshalom
Is Yeshiva Education Accomplishing What It Should?, with Rabbi Levi Meier...

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