Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sharon just fine


Despite his health problems, Ariel Sharon enjoys a stronger-than-ever lead in the Israeli elections campaign, a poll found. According to Tuesday´s survey in Maariv, the prime minister´s new Kadima Party will take 42 of the Knesset´s 120 seats in the March 28 ballot, an unprecedentedly robust showing.
The Labor Party was predicted taking 22 seats, while the Likud, which elected Benjamin Netanyahu as its new leader Monday, was predicted taking 13 seats. .
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Blogger John Lee said...

IRIS is all over this story (Sharon's Medical Team Disputes Clean Bill of Health). For example: "The prime minister did not know what day it was, what time is was or where he was. For 45 minutes he could not count or perform basic movements."

IRIS thinks Sharon's medical condition is "the key to the current election." We'll see...

2:52 PM  

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