Saturday, December 17, 2005

Sunday Likud election

Let it not be Bibi.

Jerusalem Post:

Associates of Likud MK Binyamin Netanyahu said Saturday that if he were to lose to Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom in the Likud primaries, he would probably leave the Likud and form his own party.
Netanyahu, they said, would "explode" onto the political map and found the "true" national party, Israel Radio reported.
Netanyahu denied that he had any intention of leaving the Likud.


MK Benjamin Netanyahu warned Saturday that if Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom is elected Sunday to head the Likud, the party would become a branch of Kadima and bring about the division of Jerusalem.
Speaking at a large rally of supporters in Tel Aviv, Netanyahu, referring to Shalom without mentioning his name, said: "The Likud rank-and-file need to decide whether they want a small and weak Likud that would be a branch of the Kadima party and lead to the division of Jerusalem, or a strong Likud that will stand stanchly for its values."
In response, associates of Shalom who were with him at another rally in Tel Aviv, said that Netanyahu is panicking because he knows he has already lost the election. "Even though he and his people declared that a Likudnik doesn't attack a Likudnik, he has repeatedly denigrated Shalom. Bibi understands full well that he is about to lose and cannot conceal his hysteria," a Shalom associate said....
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