Friday, December 09, 2005

Website sells modest clothing

(When will clothing come with a hechsher?)

Y.U. Observer:

Chic the Jewish way? A new online retailer,, sells a compilation of “Modest Clothing for the Modern Women.” The site provides an e-solution for Modern Orthodox women who can’t find appropriate clothing at their local mall.
“The Internet is far-reaching and provides our costumers with accessibility—no matter where they live,” says Rachel Lubchansky, creator of the site....
“I feel there is a need for a store like this especially today where we feel very torn between our modern and religious worlds,” says Sy Syms Junior Michal Minkowitz. “We want to stay with our Jewish roots but we still want to be involved the contemporary world of fashion.”
After a year of preparation, Lubchansky launched the site this August with a small collection of clothing from designers including French Connection, Hazel, Kenzie Girl, Three Dots and XCVI Wearables...

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