Monday, December 12, 2005

Why frum don't support U.J.A.

Agudah's Rabbi Avi Shafran in the Jerusalem Post responds to philanthropist Michael Steinhardter on why orthodox Jews don't support the federation:

....And, sadly, those timeless Jewish beliefs and principles make it difficult if not impossible for many Orthodox Jews to view Jewish federations and the like as proper investments for their charitable contributions.
Why? Because there are projects in the non-Orthodox American Jewish community that are patently, and deeply, objectionable to many Orthodox Jews. They may be efforts to promote "a woman's choice," or non-halachic conversion, or "outreach" to non-Jews. Some Jewish federations, including the national federation umbrella group, the United Jewish Communities, may try not to cross controversial Jewish lines, but nevertheless do, sending messages at irreconcilable odds with an Orthodox Jewish outlook.Take, for instance, the UJC's "Pride in Israel Mission" this past summer, which brought "members of the American lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community" to Israel to meet with, among others, "leading LGBT community figures and organizations" there. It was a mission whose national chair, the vice president of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, proudly described as having "strengthened our identities as LGBT Jews."In fact, the mission had originally been timed to coincide with the beginning of a 10-day "Love Without Borders: Jerusalem WorldPride" festival (which ended up being cancelled because of security concerns during the Gaza withdrawal).
Whatever one's personal opinion about the "Pride in Israel Mission," it should be obvious that few Orthodox Jews would want any of their hard-earned income going to such projects - and understandable that many Orthodox Jews would not view an organization whose priorities include such projects as particularly worthy of their support.
One can, of course, choose to accept or reject Jewish religious tradition's attitude toward the propriety of "strengthening the identities" of "LGBT Jews." But to see any group of Jews "myopic" for refusing to jettison their essential convictions evidences a much more severe vision problem....
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's right, find your excuse not to support all of the other "good" that the federation does.
Never support Satmar Bikur Cholim, Hachnocos kallah, etc., after all look at Neturei karta.
Ein LeDavar Sof

1:52 PM  
Anonymous Respectful Cynic said...

All of the Yeshivos take money from the BJE which is directly supported by the UJA

3:01 PM  

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