Sunday, December 11, 2005

Yeshiva students in army

"Helping" to employ yeshiva students:

Jerusalem Post:

Only 139 out of 45,639 haredim of military conscription age have joined the army in the past three years, since passage of the Tal Law, one of whose aim was to increase haredi participation in the army, the state announced during a High Court hearing on Sunday.
The court convened to hold its final hearing on four petitions demanding that the law be repealed because it violated the Basic Law: Human Freedom and Dignity by discriminating against most Jewish Israelis who are obliged by law to serve in the army...

The High Court will hand down its ruling on the petitions at a later date. It has been loathe to strike down Knesset legislation over the past 13 years, even though Barak has maintained that it has the right to do so to uphold the "constitutional" laws passed in 1992, the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Freedom and the Basic Law: Freedom of Occupation. Since then, the court has struck down only three relatively minor pieces of legislation. Judging by Sunday's hearing, it might do so again, and for the first time regarding a major piece of legislation. But in making its decision, the court is also likely to take into account the fact that the law is due to automatically expire in two years.
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