Friday, December 09, 2005

Who's policing Officer Menk?

Emailer's observation: Menck was only back on the force for 3 weeks before this happened, he was out from a back injury from arresting Rav Yosel Bursztyn. Beating up 2 people in one month of work, he must be perfectly in control!

Today's APP story:

A patrolman embroiled earlier this year in the high-profile arrest of a community leader is now the subject of an Internal Affairs investigation after a woman he recently charged with assaulting him alleged he beat her up in her home.
Public Safety Director Al Peters confirmed Thursday there is a departmental investigation into allegations that Patrolman Erik Menck used excessive force while arresting Nichole Robinson of Lakewood on Nov. 20. The investigation started in the days after the arrest when Robinson verbally complained to authorities about Menck's treatment of her."At this point, there's nothing concrete that's been demonstrated," Peters said. "We're anxiously awaiting the . . . results of the investigation."
Peters said he asked the Ocean County Prosecutor's office to assist in the investigation, the same process he used after Menck was probed this summer following his arrest of Rabbi Yosef Bursztyn.
That incident left Bursztyn, 62, charged with aggravated assault on a police officer and resisting arrest. The case is still pending at the Prosecutor's Office.
In Robinson's case, police say they went to a Route 9 beauty supply store for a disorderly persons call on Nov. 20. Robinson had got into a small dispute about returning an item to the store, said Herbert Ellis, Robinson's lawyer.
The investigation of that call led four officers, including Menck, to Robinson's Williamsburg Lane town house in Coventry Square. In an interview Thursday, Robinson said Menck assaulted her in the house."He grabbed my left arm and pulled it back up to my neck," Robinson said. "I heard it pop. He punched me in the back of the neck and he elbowed me and punched me in the back a second time."
Robinson's father, Horace Cody, 66, said Menck also shoved him into a wall. Ellis said Robinson has not filed formal charges against Menck, but added he plans to file notice that he will sue the township for monetary damages...
Bursztyn's charges have not been resolved yet, said Robert A. Gasser, executive assistant Ocean County prosecutor. Gasser would not say when the charges would be heard by a grand jury.

A previous post has a T.V. video on it.
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Anonymous Lakewood Yid said...

Ask the VAAD??!!??

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where are all those bloggers that where screaming about what a "chilul hashem" harav yosel bursztyn made huh? Where are all those who where only busy saying how we don't know how to act to cops and rabonim thing they own the world?
Crawl out from your little hole and comment!

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